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In the early 1960s, Joan Palet is well known in artistic circles and designs hundreds of covers and illustrations for the largest publishers of the time: Plaza and Janes, Editorial Planeta and Seix Barral. In his small studio apartment in the Street Sant Gervasi de Casseroles, he undertakes colossal amounts of work - often at night, while her family sleeps. The best authors of universal literature pass through his workstation as his expert hand illustrates their stories, characters and foreign landscapes

In all these years, despite not setting up any solo exhibitions, he never strays far from his easel and continues to paint his own subjects. As if his full time work as an illustrator was not enough, he works continuously on his spare free time His family becomes a recurring subject, her daughters appear as involuntary models in a lot of his work. Possessed by an unstoppable impulse, he never leaves the home without pencil or charcoal; his keen eye, captures moments of everyday life and transforms them quickly into drawings

During this decade, he paints still lives and goes on numerous sporadic trips to paint landscapes with his peers, particularly Mallol Suazo and Enric Canals.

He holds a long and storn friendship with Josep Maria M. Suazo joins from their days as students at “La Llotja.” They meet up every week, spend many summers together at Bagur and later in Suazo’s house in Palamos. Whenever they can, they escape to paint the Costa Brava Fornells, Tamariu, Calella and in the Emporda interior. 

He finds spiritual nourishment in his circle of artist friends, which eventually becomes an oasis for him, whenever he needs it; He needs this community as much as the air he breathes. During this time, many artists gather about Mallol and his wife Alba. They include Olga Sacharoff, Otho Lloyd, Miquel Villà and his wife Blanca, N. Miralles, Ricart Serra and later the sculptor Luisa Granero, and the painters Sanvisens and Teresa Llàcer …... 

Palet also maintains a close relationship with Ricard Giralt Miracle, another bright, sensitive spirit like him and a great innovator in the field of Spanish graphic design and with the art critic Rafael Santos Torroella.

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