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Text by Pedro Secorún published in the catalogue of the exhibition "Joan Palet, an intimate look" that was held at the Palau Foundation in 2006. Joan Palet always maintained a very deep relationship with the island of Mallorca, which was reflected in his work.

Article of Ignasi Vidal-Folch in the newspaper El País (23-12-2011) on the relation between Palet, Palau, and Picasso. Published following the publication of Josep Palau i Fabre’s last volume on the work of Picasso. Ignasi Vidal remembers the day he met the poet at opening of Joan Palet’s exhibition.

Palau always loved telling the story of how, in 1944, he managed to secretly publish POESIA, the first magazine in Catalan and how my father designed the mock-up and the cover, headlined by a small ink drawing that Palau adored and was part of the exhibition held in honour of Joan Palet at the Palau Foundation in 2006.

In 1952, Palet drew the cover of the first clandestine edition of the book “Poems of the Alchemist” by Josep Palau i Fabre, while the poet was in Paris. Published in the Sirena. This book is collection of all his poetry from 1930 to 1950 and marks the end of a professional chapter for Palau i Fabre. On the cover, Palet makes an interpretation of the "Alchemist" of Ieronimus Bosco which was given to Palau’s father, who was in charge of publishing the 200 numbered copies of the work in Barcelona. 

In the 1940’s, Palet contributes to several issues of the magazine ARIEL. In issue number 10, he publishes a never-seen-before drawing together with for a poem by Joan Triadú . Palet appears as alongside artists such as Picasso, Apel.les Fenosa and Pau Roig.

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