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Joan Palet was born in Barcelona on March 28, 1911 in the heart of a family of sculptors and wood carvers.


He begins in the artistic environment from a very young age and helps in the family workshop, where he shows special gifts for drawing and soon manifests an unusual artistic vocation that leads him to draw everything he sees and start a career that will not leave until his death. 

His father, who knew the financial hardships of live as an artist, tried to dissuade him from embarking on that path. But after his father’s death in 1932, Joan Palet persists on his decision to study fine arts while taking on the responsibility of providing for his mother and younger siblings. He gets a job in Publicitas, the first advertising agency in the country, where he is in charge of designing campaign posters. Despite his young age, his drawing skills are highly valued. 

It’s at that time that Palet will make a life-changing decision – one that will take him to never renounce to his profession, even when he gets him in financial trouble. He decides to dedicate all his natural talent to a single vocation: painter

Despite being a kind and discrete man, often modest to a fault, Joan Palet’s life was dictated by a strong set of principles.

He kept the tools from his family’s old wood workshop in his artist studio as a symbol of his childhood vocation and the values that helped him overcome all obstacles and to find his own path into the world of art.

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