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70's, the return of the painter

In 1973 the life of Palet undergoes a radical change. At the age of 62, he abandons his work as an illustratior

to devote himself fully to painting and drawing. It is a moment he had been pondering for years.

His friend Josep Maria Mallol Suazo, who had always insiststed Palet devote himself exclusively to painting, lends him his studio i Barcelona where Palet begins to work feverishly. He stars painting figures with an intimate style that will characterize his work of these years.

In March 1974, after a long absence from the galleristic circuit, Joan Palet reappears publicly as a painter. He holds a solo exhibition at the Gallery Anglada, in Barcelona, where he presents his oil paintings of still lives and models. He sells them all. Following this success, he will be tour several galleries. The following year, 1975, he exhibits at the Gallery El Cisne, in Madrid. 

Critics rediscover an artist who had remained hidden for decades. It is not the best time for a post-impressionist painter and his style, but Palet keeps walking at his own pace, being loyal to his work above all else. Pupil of a figurative tradition, great connoisseur of French painting, Palet always stayed on the side-lines of passing fads and fashions. Instead, he sought an unbiased expression of his cultural background in a manner more intimate and evocative.


In 1975, he moved his studio to Padua street, where he worked incessantly. From this point onwards, Palet creates with exhibitions in mind. For the first time in years, free from external burdens, he rediscovers the freedom and a pleasure of his craft. He returns to Mallorca several times and, between 1976 and 1978, hosts several exhibitions in the Gallery Dera in Palma.

In 1978, he suffers from glaucoma and loses sight of his left eye. Fighting tooth and nail to overcome the new difficulty of seeing with only one eye, he continues painting. He visits his studio daily, working more hours than ever. He said he had "to keep training, not to lose the gesture”. A craftsman as he was, he knew well the value of perseverance and practice not only in learning but also as a way of being in this world. It's in his actions that the artist expresses himself and can manifest his intention.

From 1978 to 1985 he held several exhibitions, mostly in the Galleries Augusta in Barcelona and again in Palma de Mallorca.

Whenever he can, he goes outdoors, where he continues to find ease and happiness painting in nature. He immortalizes landscapes of Port de la Selva, Gósol, Cornudella or Tiana and Sant Miquel del Fai on day trips. He finds himself physically capable and maintains his discipline and enthusiasm for art until his death on August 19, 1996.

© olga palet 2016

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